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My Life as a DaVita Insurance Counselor

My name is Gretchen Fooshee, and I am a DaVita Insurance Counselor in Kansas. I’ve been with the Village for almost four years. I support 19 clinics and over 850 patients in APEX, including SunDance Region 3 and Dream Catchers Region 5. I truly enjoy getting to know my patients and helping them with their insurance needs. What fills my cup? First, building trusting relationships and advocating for my patients; second, having an amazing partnership with teammates and knowing that we work together for a common goal.

The majority of my clinics are in the southern half of Kansas. Because of the number of clinics and large geography I cover, I must plan my clinic visits very carefully. It’s also important that I have a strong partnership with my clinic teammates, especially my Social Workers, because it could be up to 45 days between my visits. My furthest clinic is a 4 hour drive down the yellow brick road to western Kansas.

The patients are my focus, and their needs dictate my schedule. I meet with new uninsured and private pay patients within 14 days of starting dialysis. It is extremely important to educate them on their insurance options in those first few days and assist with any changes they request. With the ever-changing landscape of rules and insurance challenges, such as payors dropping coverage for patients eligible for Medicare, it is vital that I monitor those fragile patients and anticipate their needs. I also provide continuing education to my existing patients and quickly escalate issues to my leaders.

I also hear about satisfaction concerns and challenges with insurance or finances, and that’s when I jump into action and advocate for my patients! There have been many times where I’ve called on my Social Workers for help. One that stands out involved a premium payment issue. The patient was in the hospital and about to lose their insurance. With a quick response from Marie Dolce, the Social Worker at the Dialysis Center of Hutchison, and my Insurance Management Team, an issue that could have been devastating to the patient was resolved within 48 hours.

As I said before, it’s important to have strong partnerships with the field and other DaVita teams within ROPs. Everyday I’m calling, meeting with, or emailing teammates to answer questions or resolve insurance issues for patients. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful partnership with the field. At the end of a stressful day, they will lift you up with positive encouragement. I’m truly thankful to be a part of this amazing Village.

Gretchen Fooshee

Gretchen Fooshee