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DaVita’s Caring Behaviors Inspire a Chain of Creativity

In their own words below, DaVita teammates Maria Helena Gomes and Ashley Zupko explain how they went from strangers to creative collaborators. It’s a beautiful example of how among a community of more than 75,000 diverse teammates, we can find connection through the values we share. You can listen to the poem-turned-song created by Ashley, Maria and Maria’s family here.

Maria Helena Gomes, DaVita Registered Nurse 

On the morning of July 19th, I woke up as usual and opened my computer–the first thing I saw was an email from Village Communication. In the email was a poem from a teammate describing how the DaVita community is welcoming, loving and caring. The poem made a huge impression on me, because I am very grateful for the opportunities that DaVita has given me through the years working for them as an RN.

I’m a home school mom of two boys, which is so important to me, and DaVita gave me a job that I can execute from home. This way I can stay with my family and lead my boys to reach their full potential–to be men of character and faith.

To give back to DaVita and express my gratitude, I encouraged my boys to take on this task: produce a song based on the poem in the email. After I spoke with them about my idea, they immediately said, “Yes mother, we can do it, and we are going to be famous!” The entire process was so fun. They really got excited. After our conversation, I contacted Village Communications to find out who wrote the poem, and I then requested permission to use it.  I got an email back with all the information and approval and that same day our journey started!

Our next goal is to make a music video, but we know this will take some time. We really enjoyed the whole process and cherished being able to show support for the company I love and commit myself to it.

Ashley Zupko, DaVita Patient Care Technician 

I was first inspired to write the poem when I heard about the DaVita Caring Behaviors campaign. I used to write poetry and short stories when I was in high school, but it has been many years since writing anything. But I figured why not? I absolutely love the company I work for. I tell it to the people I speak with every day. DaVita isn’t like any ordinary job or company. It is a place I call home. I love the patients I care for and the teammates I work with. Each day they make me feel like gold for doing what I love to do. It is a calling to be in the line of work I am in. I want to be a part of something great and being with DaVita, I feel like I am living that out.

I received an email from Maria about how her husband and sons were passionate about music and would love to use the poem as lyrics for a song. I was absolutely flattered and agreed. I spoke to Maria on the phone shortly after so that I could be the first to hear the song. I love it. Her family is very talented and I love that I could be a part of that as well. I want to thank Maria and her family for turning the poem into something so beautiful. And a big thank you to everyone who has reached out with their kind words. I love how we each make DaVita a special place.

Listen to the song titled “DaVita” here.

DaVita Stories Team

DaVita Stories Team

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