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Golden Ticket from Villagewide Brings Teams Together


Physician Experience Senior Manager Valerie Gildea’s Winning Villagewide Idea

At Villagewide 2018, the Physician Experience team celebrated the Wonderful, Wonky World of Physician Experience by inviting participants to spin a question wheel at our booth. The wheel revealed a Physician Experience topic, and participants had to correctly answer a question about the topic they landed on in order to receive a golden ticket. Those participants who walked away with golden tickets had a chance to win $750, $500 or $250 to use in their center for a team building activity or celebration. Over 350 participants spun the wheel and received golden tickets and on May 21, the winners were announced on the Physician Experience VillageWeb page.

Brendan Zahn, the Group Facility Administrator for the Thoroughbred division, could not wait to visit the page on May 21 and find out if his golden ticket was a winner…and he was! In fact, he won the grand prize of $750 for his center. He decided to use the winnings to do something special for his 12th St. Covington team. They chose a painting party and each painted a custom wood sign with something meaningful to them. The restaurant that they hosted the party closed down just for the event, even giving the center a shout-out on their public sign!

The Physician Experience team is so grateful to all facility teammates for everything they do for our patients, and is thankful to been a part of Brendan’s story. Together, we can find opportunities to have fun, make memories and create a special place for our patients, physicians, and teammates! – Valerie Gildea


Group Facility Administrator Brendan Zahn’s Gratitude 


The above photo is the 12th St. Covington DaVita team taking the Golden Ticket award to celebrate our team and new teammates. We chose a Paint Party, painting wood boards with something meaningful to each of us. The restaurant closed down just for us to have a cherished private event, even giving kudos to our clinic name on the public sign. Thank you Falcon Silver, so much, for the opportunity for us to have fun and create special moments – all because of Villagewide and each of our SBI programs helping to create a special place. – Brendan Zahn


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