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DaVita Teammates Rise Up to Support a Friend in Need

Editor’s Note: Shrya Johnson submitted this story of her experience with the DaVita Village Network.  For more information about the DaVita Village Network, visit its page on the VillageWeb. 

My name is Shyra Johnson and February 21, 2018 was one of the worst days for my family (husband and 2 children). My brand new home was struck by lightning. The disaster destroyed the entire second floor of my home with smoke, water and fire damage. My family lost everything in our home, and we had to live in a hotel for 3 weeks. We did not know where to begin financially to try to piece our lives back together.

Thankfully, I was informed by a teammate about the DaVita Village Network (DVN). The DVN is a Village program established to help teammates and their families by providing financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses during a time of crisis such as a natural disaster, a life-threatening emergency, unexpected medical or funeral expenses, or financial hardships as a result of military deployment. In order to receive financial assistance through the DVN, teammates are required to complete an application either for themselves or on behalf of another teammate.

I submitted an application and within a week or two, I was contacted regarding my situation. I immediately felt like I could let out a deep breath. DaVita was so supportive and  walked me through the different steps that I needed to take. My team was also supportive and rallied behind me with an awesome fundraiser, which was a huge success! I am so thankful to DaVita and my fellow teammates for their contributions and support to help my family during our very difficult time. DaVita has been a huge help to me and my family as we try to rebuild what we have lost during the fire. We are forever grateful for everything that DaVita and the Village has done to help my family with trying to put some of the pieces back together.

To work for a place like DaVita is very gratifying to me. I have never worked at a place where they care so much for their teammates and their wellbeing. I love the atmosphere, and it is just like working with family where you get to help patients and enjoy one another at the same time. The DaVita Village Network is just one more thing that makes DaVita a Community, not a Company.

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