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Mending Faces Mission Trip: Spreading Ripples with the KT Grant Foundation

In late January 2018, teammate Julie Hobbins, an assistant facility administrator in Alamosa, CO, went to the Philippines as a part of Mending Faces – a charitable organization founded by experienced medical and non-medical professionals that work to help make a life-changing difference for underprivileged children born with facial deformities. With the support of the KT Community Grant, Mending Faces is able to send ripples into the world by providing no-cost surgical care for children in developing countries born with cleft lips and cleft palate.

The KT Community Grant through the KT Community Foundation offers teammates the ability to provide materials and tools for a community project that helps support a nonprofit organization. The donation from the KT Community Grant helps Mending Faces reach more remote communities, plus allows them to provide transportation and lodging to the families. The donation also helps with the purchasing of supplies and equipment needed for each mission trip. If, as a teammate, you or your immediate family members are actively involved in a school, charity or other nonprofit, you are eligible to apply for The KT Community Grant.

“Our medical missions are life changing, not only for the children, but also for the volunteers who attend. The pure joy and gratefulness can be seen on each child’s face following surgery,” Hobbins said.

In just four days, Hobbins and her team of 51 people treated 73 patients total, with the oldest being 17 years old and the youngest being just 5 months old. There were 2 operating rooms in use, with 5 operating tables. The surgeons and nurses worked incredibly long 12-plus hour days to repair: 33 lips, 34 palates, 4 combo lip/palates and 8 hand burns.

Hobbins’ mission group also visited two elementary schools where nearly 1,000 children were provided with dental education. The dental treatments they performed resulted in 80 pre-surgical exams and the removal of 18 teeth. Upon discharge from the hospital, each child received a care sheet, backpack, clothes, a calculator, a ball, pillow, stuffed toy, toy car, toothbrush and toothpaste.

“Attending a medical mission is the most rewarding activity I have ever been involved in….we also have a FUN experience,” Hobbins said.

Any interested volunteers inside or outside of the Village can find information about Mending Faces here. If you are interested in learning more, you can attend the Restoring Hope 2018 event as a way to help fund the 2019 mission. The event is on Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 6-9 p.m. for music, auctions, food, drinks and an opportunity to help raise money for children who are in need of new smiles.


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