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DaVita Shining Star Reflects on Villagewide 2018

I chose to be a registered dietitian because of my experiences of growing up with a dad who was always in the hospital.  Among other health issues, he also had kidney disease and was on dialysis for 6 months prior to receiving a kidney transplant.  My parents tried to keep my life as normal as possible, so we, as a family, were not able to be with my dad as much as we would have liked through his long hospital stays and dialysis treatments.  I noticed that my dad’s mood day to day was was often based on what nurse or other hospital employee worked that day.  It really showed me that those individuals caring for my dad had a significant impact on my dad’s quality of life and treatment experience in some of his hardest of times.

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be in health care and make a difference in my patients’ lives as other health care professionals did for my dad.  I learned about the dietitian role in college and felt it was a perfect fit for the variety of settings a dietitian can work in as well as the opportunity for patient interaction.  I have been an RD for the past 10 years in many different roles and truly love what I do.

Being honored as a Shining Star is a big deal  to me and recognizes my passion to provide meaningful care and Service Excellence to our patients.  I truly believe we can make a significant difference in each of our patients’ or caregivers’ lives with our daily interactions.  I also believe being a Shining Star means caring for our teammates and contributing to creating a special place for the team.  I feel so fortunate to interact with so many talented and dedicated teammates who inspire me each day.

I had the privilege of going to Villagewide this year for my first time and it was an incredible experience.  To try and think of one specific part of Villagewide that stands out to me would be hard.  The event had so many amazing parts of hearing actual patient stories, teammate stories of improving the patient experience, inspiring stories of treating patients during natural disasters, celebrating teammates who have served, having a memorial service for patients and teammates we lost, as well as hearing and being part of the discussion for the future of DaVita and how we will care for patients – all of it left an impression on me.  It was also wonderful being there with part of my team and getting to know them better, while also having some fun.

Leaving Villagewide, I felt really proud to be working for DaVita and honored to work alongside so many talented and caring teammates.  When reflecting on everything, DaVita cares for really complex patients and we do it the best.  So, when listening to teammates’ stories of caring for patients through their own life struggles, leaning on teammates during times of need and changing as a person  through the opportunities they had because of their time with DaVita, how could you not feel proud of the work and care your company provides?

Sara Pratt

Sara Pratt

Hi all, my name is Sara Pratt and I am a registered dietitian with DaVita. I work in Denver and am a part of the DaVita Eat Smart pilot; which provides medical nutrition therapy to chronic kidney disease individuals who are not on dialysis. I received my Bachelor of Science from Indiana University and completed my dietetic internship and Master’s degree at Ball State University.