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Wisdom in a Minute(ish) Videos

At DaVita, we have a unique and intentional culture—so intentional, in fact, that we have a name, and definition for it, known as The DaVita Way:

The DaVita Way means that we dedicate our Head, Heart and Hands to pursue DaVita’s Mission, live the Core Values and help create a healthy Village. It means we care for each other with the same intensity with which we care for our patients.

This caring-for-each-other philosophy is manifested in lots of different ways around our Village every day, and many of us are excited about the special place that we are striving to create.

We are always looking for new ways to share life’s journey and impact peoples’ lives in a positive way.

Right now we’re working on short videos, to be shared on social media, on a variety of topics from personal to professional. We hope people will watch and say, “I want to try that!” Here’s just a sample of what we’re working on now:

Teambuilding—Secrets to building a strong, cohesive team

Becoming a better you—A fun, family-friendly strategy for self-improvement

Environment—How to reduce landfill-clogging food waste

Life alignment—Replacing tasks that drain you with ones that energize you

Emotional health—Tips to think more clearly and feel less stress

Emotional resiliency—Ways to bounce back faster after a challenge

We hope you’ll watch a few (or all!) and be inspired to try something new that may help you experience  more happiness, health, or meaning in your life.  By the way, if you have ideas for future topics, please let us know in the comments section below!


DaVita Stories Team

DaVita Stories Team

The DaVita Stories Team is a group of teammates excited to bring you the latest news from around the Village and show you what makes DaVita a special place.