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Make Every Day Earth Day

Have you thought about the Earth today?  Between making sure your family gets to work and school on time, doing your best to eat a balanced diet, and finishing your taxes, you may not have! It is easy for us to go about our daily lives without consistently thinking about how we impact the environment. Each year on April 22, Earth Day brings the environment to our attention.

Earth Day began with the idea that individuals can take responsibility for their collective impact on the Earth and spend time actively restoring and advocating for the vulnerable and wild places dear to us. Earth Day began in 1970 when over 20 million people across the United States called for action to care for the environment. This movement led the US Congress to adopt the Clean Air and Clean Water acts and create the US Environmental Protection Agency. Since 1970, many countries have begun celebrating, and now Earth Day is a truly global celebration. This global celebration brings light to current environmental issues and highlights the progress we have made to improve Earth.

At DaVita, we celebrate Earth Day the entire month of April! Teams from across our Village host Earth Day Village Service Days in their local communities. Dedicated teammates help restore trails, plant trees, collect garbage, establish community gardens, and much more. In 2017, teammates and their friends and families dedicated over 14,900 volunteer hours across 11 countries! Each Earth Day Village Service Day project directly impacts the community which results in Our Village collectively helping to improve hundreds of ecosystems and effecting lasting change.

While we celebrate Earth Day in April, each of us can take small steps towards a clean Earth and a healthy future through our daily actions. Switching to a reusable water bottle, using LED light bulbs in our homes, and recycling whenever possible can make a big impact collectively. In 2017, our Village diverted 1,400 elephants worth of waste from the landfill through recycling and composting programs.  We can share the Earth Day message with our friends and families and champion environmental stewardship in our communities every day.

Everyone’s connection with the Earth is unique. Whether you walk your dog in the park or spend time in nature to gain clarity, we each love the Earth in our own way. Earth Day is a day to celebrate this connection with the Earth and to spread ripples to our greater communities. Our DaVita Village is a community first and a company second and Earth Day is one of the ways that we live this. If each team plants one tree, our Village will plant thousands of trees together. So get outside this Earth Day and remind yourself just how large of an impact you can have!

Julia Richards

Julia Richards

Julia is a coffee loving dog mom who spends her free time skiing, climbing and playing in the mountains of her home state, Colorado. She is the Sustainability Coordinator for Village Green and leads teammate education and engagement for our Village’s green initiatives.