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Celebrating National Doctors’ Day: Why Physicians Choose Nephrology

Why do physicians choose to become nephrologists, and why do they remain committed to nephrology through the many challenges of working with the kidney patient population? For me, it comes down to people. There is no profession that allows for such an opportunity to interact with and fully learn about individuals and understand what is bothering them. And there is almost no other profession that offers the opportunity to cross all socioeconomic levels and all walks of life, which requires nephrologists to learn how to speak to and work with every unique patient they encounter. The humanness of all that is really special and remains my personal compass for being a physician.

On this year’s National Doctors’ Day, let us remember why we chose to become nephrologists—whether we are nephrology fellows learning the specialty or nephrologists who have been in practice for many years. A few colleagues have weighed in below on what inspired them to become a nephrologist or remain committed to this unique specialty for the long run.

  • I was fortunate early in my medical school training to get exposed, entirely by chance, to several nephrologists. Their humanity, intelligence and absolute commitment to patients, and the newly emerging technology of dialysis got me hooked. –Allen R. Nissenson, MD, FACP, FASN, FNKF
  • As nephrologists, we stand on the shoulders of giants: Innovators, pioneers and advocates. Watching a patient regain renal function, receive a successful transplant or thrive on home dialysis motivates me every day. –Jeffrey Giullian, MD, MBA

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