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Helping a Patient and Feeling Fulfilled

My name is Amy Stevens, and I am a care coordinator with VillageHealth, which is the DaVita team responsible for enabling integrated kidney care for DaVita patients.

Care Coordinators are the non-clinical teammates that speak with patients, coordinate provider appointments and help them navigate their benefits. We are advocates for our patients, and I am always ready with hands and heart to serve when it comes to the care of our CKD patients.

I began my career with DaVita in February of 2015 with the intention of living the core values. I was recently promoted to Care Coordinator I with the driving spirit to go even further for my patients. I am passionate about my patients and honored to make a difference in their lives each and every day.

I reflect on each patient at the end of the phone calls that I make, satisfied that the work we do does matter!

Recently, an amazing patient experience touched my heart and solidified my commitment to adding value to each call I make as a care coordinator.

The story unfolds as I was “tasked” to coordinate the patient’s oxygen. But I am re-naming it a journey rather than a task, as it truly was a journey.

The patient had been paying for oxygen out of pocket as the “condition” the patient was in at the time of discharge from the hospital did not constitute oxygen full-time. So, I started the first of nine calls to find out why.

I worked with the nurse at the patient’s primary care physician’s office to obtain the patient’s saturation test, confirming that the patient did need to be on oxygen all the time. I was relentless and found a payor-approved oxygen company. I then called the patient to let them know that they would no longer have to pay the out of pocket every month.

The patient was so grateful and said that Renee, the VillageHealth nurse I help support, myself and the VillageHealth program are worth more blessings than the patient could count.

After speaking with the patient, I ran to Renee to share the good news.

I left work that day with my cup FULL and my heart happy.

Amy Stevens

Amy Stevens

Amy joined the Village in 2015 and since then, has never stopped being inspired by the strength and stories of the patients she and VillageHealth help. She lives just outside of Denver, CO with her caring husband, and she’s excited to be seeing her daughter receive her white coat from St. Francis University, Albuquerque NM Physician’s Assistant program this week. Amy is also the proud mom of a very artistic, talented son.