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Team Music City Shows it Can Be Easy – and Fun – Being Green


Everywhere we turn today, we are reminded of the urgent need to care for our world. At DaVita, this sentiment is brought to life through the Trilogy of Care, and then has been given legs by the energetic Village Green department at the World HQ, Casa del Mundo.

As the Village has grown, the need for passionate teammates to drive change in their own pockets of the country has amplified. Today, 18 teams in CBOs across the Village are making an impact one step at a time. These mundane acts can feel tedious and insignificant in the moment, but over time, they culminate into change. This is the reason Green Teams are essential to the Village; they are leading the charge toward a more sustainable future and creating a special place in the process.

The Green Team here in Nashville at Team Music City is made up of 23 forces of nature (Mother Nature, that is), of whom I am so proud. In just six months, our group of gritty teammates have turned TMC’s non-existent team into an active community that has made a real impact on our buildings’ practices. Not to mention TMC’s level of fun!

Sure, we have launched a nifty composting program and implemented reusable dishes. And we have also created a charming Lending Library, with a second on the way. Yet, I believe it is the less obvious sustainability events that have captivated even the most resistant teammates. We taught teammates how to make beauty/hygiene products, how inexpensive it can be, and the impact store-bought products can have on their health and the environment. We also took advantage of the rare solar eclipse event and we considered how we could leverage the opportunity to drive Village Green engagement. The answer: recycling hundreds of eclipse glasses and sending to Astronomers Without Borders so that children around the world can witness an eclipse and we could divert the glasses from the landfill. These type of imaginative ideas contributed to the complete turnaround of our Green Team, which ultimately earned us the esteemed Green Team of the Year award!

In my eyes, the award is not only a representation of the goal we set and accomplished – to create a culture of sustainability in TMC – but also indicative of how our goal shaped our identity as a team. Over time we internalized the norms and spirit of the group, and we still carry them with us. The way we have done things around here and our “why” has become the way each of us as individuals does things and why. Cheers to my band of supercharged teammates – and all other Green Teams across the Village – for a year of accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what the rest 2018 will amount to!

Lindsey Burks

Lindsey Burks

Lindsey joined the Village working in Hospital Services in Dallas, and after a great couple years, pursued the Evergreens Leadership Program in Seattle to explore another side of the Village. She now works in Revenue Operations, and has made Nashville her new home. Lindsey is passionate about traveling, yoga, and punchy environmental puns.