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DaVita Teammates Adopt a Beach to Care for Our World

In caring for our world, a small team of DaVita Labs teammates in DeLand, Florida, have adopted a stretch of the world-famous Daytona Beach by joining Volusia County’s Adopt-A-Beach Program.  This commitment ensures that a one-mile stretch of Daytona Beach is maintained and beautified on a quarterly basis.  And their efforts have been celebrated by Volusia County with a certificate of recognition for their outstanding contributions to the program.

Daytona Beach, located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, attracts 8 million visitors each year.  Imagine how much waste is distributed onto the beach from tourists, as well as locals.  Although there are trash and recycle bins at the beach, the average person will not walk more than 12 paces before releasing any unwanted waste.  Another alarming statistic shows that 50 percent of all trash found at the beach is comprised of cigarette butts.  Most cigarette butts are not biodegradable.

In addition to the usual garbage that can be found, Hurricane Irma ravaged Daytona’s shores leaving behind copious amounts of debris.  Volunteers had a huge job ahead of them, and some of the residual damage can still be seen today.

DaVita Labs teammates initiated the efforts to clean up Daytona Beach in July of 2017 as a way to serve the community, build team and pursue DaVita’s Core Value of Fulfillment.  Since it was established, the clean-up effort has included 113 volunteer opportunities, 178.5 service hours and a total of 581 gallons of trash!

Could you visualize yourself enjoying a mile stretch of beach if it contained 581 gallons of trash?  How does that amount of trash end up on the beach in such a short period of time?  What can we do about it?

According to www.litteritcostsyou.org, the ocean accumulates up to 9 billion tons of litter each year.  Daytona Beach is 51 miles long.  If each mile contained 581 gallons of trash, then 29,631 gallons of trash or 4851 pounds would need removed.  Although this may seem like a drop in the trash bucket, each one of us can do our part to reduce litter.  First, take trash to the trash receptacle, and if there isn’t one, then take it home to dispose of it.  Second, discard someone else’s trash.  It’s tempting to simply walk by litter and lament the carelessness of others.  Finally, join a community clean-up effort.  Local parks and recreation departments should have volunteer info for community clean-up services, and these events can be fun and very rewarding.

In September 2017, the World Warriors – the Village Green Team that represents DaVita Labs – was asked to coordinate with all laboratory teammates to increase the Daytona Beach clean-up efforts and share the responsibility of fulfilling the commitment toward the Adopt-A-Beach program.  The goal is to complete a clean-up every month vs. the quarterly minimum commitment.  The World Warriors are excited to see the progress that will be made by ramping up this service to our community.  Reach out to a leader today with ideas to care for our world!

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Angela Mosteller

Angela Mosteller

Angela is a Quality Assurance Specialist who has a passion for environmental sustainability. She is located in DeLand, Florida, at the newly built DaVita Labs facility. The Green Team, which officially formed in 2016, is looking forward to a robust and successful 2018.