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DaVita’s International Leaders Convene at the Casa

Earlier this month, 40 of DaVita’s international leaders traveled to the Casa del Mundo in Denver, CO to kick off the inaugural three-day leadership meeting.

The team, now newly-named “Global Thunder,” spent their time learning, sharing, and ultimately, working to make DaVita’s global Village as strong as possible. Below, two of the leaders who attended the meeting, Mahesh Krishan and Xinzhu Nancy Li, reflect on their experiences.


Mahesh Krishnan, International Chief Medical Officer

Having attending many-a DaVita meeting, the 2018 International leadership meeting was easily one of the best I’ve ever attended.   As international moves from its first exploratory phase to its second operationally excellent phase, the meeting theme of new, ours and special was evident.  New, in that we are now re organized into one truly global team dedicated to supporting the ten countries grow and achieve their full potential.  Ours, in that the core value of that global leadership team (newly named Global Thunder) was on display with engaged and frank conversations, discussion and buy in on the new global strategy and recognition of the work international needs to do to meet the expectations of our patients, teammates and the Village.   Special, in that we dedicated time both in the agenda and the strategy to being intentional in creating a special place in each country we operate in today.    As a result, the meeting was filled with energy and commitment to allow international to contribute its share in making DaVita the greatest healthcare community the world has ever seen.


Xinzhu Nancy Li, International Operations Analyst

The International Leadership Meeting has been a truly transformative experience. One of the highlight moments for me was the keynote session by Professor Harry Kraemer, where he introduced this idea of “Those People”, explaining how instrumental it is for each teammate to drive changes. One example that Harry shared about the same financial model he built as a junior analyst still in use when he became the CFO ten years after. This got me thinking of the importance of innovation and self-reflection to an organization. How many times have I been so focused on checking the to-do list that I forgot to reflect on why? How much effort did I invest in how things can be done differently? Conventional wisdom holds that every organization has “Those People” who lead changes and others the followers. This does not necessarily has to be so. With the right alignment on the fundamental values, I am convinced that it is very powerful for everyone throughout the organization to feel empowered to be the change-makers. And so we were all encouraged and committed to do so. I am looking forward to what we, “Those People” – the Global Thunder, are about to achieve in the upcoming years.


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