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DaVita Medical Group Sunport Embraces the Sun

At DaVita we are always pursuing our core value of Continuous Improvement and finding innovative ways to be a more sustainable Village. We care for our teammates and communities with the same passion that we care for our patients. These values come “shining” through at DaVita Medical Group’s new Sunport Healthcare Center in Albuquerque, NM, where 60% of the building’s electricity is now coming from the sun!

DMG Sunport recently flipped the switch on a 400kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array. Solar panels not only cover the building’s roof, they are also mounted on top of a carport in the parking lot. The same panels that produce clean, renewable energy, also help to keep patients and teammates cooler by providing shade for their vehicles.  The use of clean energy technology doesn’t stop there. The new center is equipped with 4 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This helps future-proof the center as EVs grow in popularity.

DMG Sunport’s embrace of innovative technology is not just a cool thing to do, it’s also a big win for the environment. Its 932 solar panels will eliminate 14,614 tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from being emitted. This is equivalent to reducing the emissions produced from driving a car over 29 million miles. As a healthcare company, supporting a healthier environment for our patients is important.

The new system may also be good for business. The cost of solar has steeply declined and there are other incentives in place for renewable energy projects. Sunport’s solar power generation is estimated to save over $2.5M in building operating costs over the life of the system, demonstrating that what’s good for business can also be good for communities and the environment.

Jeff Wilzbacher

Jeff Wilzbacher

Jeff is DaVita’s Energy & Sustainability Manager and a part of Team Genesis. He has led strategic energy initiatives for the Village since 2014. Jeff earned a BS in Engineering from Northwestern University & a MS in Environmental Management & Sustainability from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Jeff is most comfortable with a backpack on and has hiked from Mexico to Canada twice.