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DaVita Way of Giving Kicks off the 2017 Giving Season

As each day begins across the DaVita Village, teammates from Tacoma, WA, to Little Rock, AR, head to their respective offices to spend their time assisting thousands of patients. They also care for their teammates, as well as for their families and extended community. Ours is a culture of caring – caring for our patients, caring for each other, and caring for our world – a Trilogy of Care built into the fabric of our existence as a community.

In caring for our world, our teammates have options as varied as supporting our military men and women; serving on an international medical mission; or coming together as a team and assisting at a local food bank or homeless shelter. We celebrate volunteerism and active engagement in the communities in which we live and work.

With that community ideal in mind, in 2011, Kent Thiry, chairman and CEO of DaVita, Inc., introduced a new Village Program designed to empower our clinical teams across the country to give back to the nonprofits and causes they care most about in their communities. DaVita Way of Giving launched, and teams were encouraged to work together and choose a nonprofit to receive a donation on behalf of the Village. In effect, once a year, our local, clinical teammates direct our philanthropic giving to thousands of nonprofits of their choice across the country.

DaVita Way of Giving has grown such that, in 2016, nearly 90 percent of all eligible clinical teams participated in the program. Teams chose nonprofits from across the spectrum – a local cancer organization in honor of a teammate survivor; food banks in communities small enough that the donation may have helped provide food for a next-door neighbor. Youth organizations; senior care groups; arts and culture nonprofits – the list is broad; the impact is significant.

Teammates have directed donations of nearly $9.1 million through the program to nonprofits across their communities since 2011. Some local teams have directed donations to the same organization for three or four years, developing a relationship and learning more about the impact a single organization has on an entire community. Other teams choose a different organization each year, but always picking one, together, as a team.

In addition to check presentations and monetary donations, many teams have built in service projects with their chosen nonprofits. Entire regions have come out for a single Village Service Day (a service project with at least three teammates participating) in conjunction with a check presentation, sorting meals or wrapping holiday gifts or rebuilding a library within a men’s shelter.

Every year, teams embrace the spirit of DaVita Way of Giving and work together to spread ripples across their community. And beginning Sept. 1, teammates across the world are starting their participation in the 2017 DaVita Way of Giving campaign. As our commitment to caring for our patients grows, so too will our commitment to caring for each other and our world. We are a community, and, as such, we care for all of its members.

Bev Grimes, a Facility Administrator at Cameron Dialysis in Cameron, MO, shared her experience with DaVita Way of Giving.

“I just want to thank you for allowing our company to give back to the communities in which we serve. It’s a win-win for everyone….we feel great being able to do it and the community is very appreciative.

Thank you again for allowing us to do such a wonderful thing.”


Caroline Bridges

Caroline Bridges

Caroline Bridges is a coordinator on the Village Giving team, based in Denver, CO. She has helped run DaVita Way of Giving since 2014 and loves hearing the many ways teammates give back across the Village, every day. Caroline studied photojournalism but has most recently found fulfilment working with nonprofits both as a volunteer and as a representative of the DaVita Village. The rest of the time, you can find her in the Colorado Mountains. That is, if you can find her.