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The Why

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to help people become their best selves. I knew I wanted to do this for my life. Consistently finding joy in the fact that you know those you interact with are getting better both physically, mentally and emotionally are things money simply cannot buy. Upon leaving college at Texas A&M University I went to graduate school to pursue my master’s degree in Health Care Administration. I would later take an internship at a hospital working as an administrative resident and then a job as a project manager. I loved my work and the business aspect of healthcare but I wanted to work with patients in person so I knew what I was doing at work could directly make my patients healthier and safer. While doing my project manager work, I can’t say that I felt I was making a difference in my patient’s lives by looking at spreadsheets all day and crunching numbers (which I also like to do). I began to find more of my fulfillment in this area of my life by touching people in a different way by becoming a personal trainer. Physical health is important to me and personal training is truly one of the loves of my life. Seeing people change physically is amazing! People who thought they could never lose weight were losing it and people who never ran before were now running their first marathons! I thought to myself “Wow…if I can have an impact like this imagine what I could do as a nurse.” This was one of my life-long dreams so I decided to take it a step further and apply to nursing school.

I finished my BSN at Barton College and started working with patients while still personal training. The hospital I worked in at the time told me I would have to choose between working as a nurse or doing administration. I didn’t want to choose so I freed up my future and started my career with DaVita where not only do I get to see and interact with my patients as a nurse but I get the challenging work of overseeing my DaVita clinic as a Facility Administrator. Here at DaVita I have awesome patients and an awesome team. Of course challenges arise as they do in other clinics but my overall happiness in where I am in my career and in life is better than I could have ever imagined. When I am not at DaVita I own and run my fitness studio called MELT in Greenville, N.C. MELT Fitness Studio was created to bring awareness to the community in which I live and to promote healthier lifestyles for those in need. I train all types of people from all ages and backgrounds. My goal is to keep my clients healthy and ensure my patients know how to stay as healthy as possible while on dialysis. I have my own goal to keep as many of my clients from ever having to come to my dialysis floor. I’ve always had the dream of helping to make people better and I get to live it out each day which I am extremely thankful for. Not many people can say this about their work.

My goal for you all reading this is to find out and identify what your love is. You now know mine and you now know what my “Why” is: To bring individuals to their optimum state of wellness. So as you finish this blog post ask yourself; “What’s my why?” Answer that question and begin to live it out today! Until next time.

All for One!

Lyndsey Hogue

Lyndsey Hogue

Lyndsey Hogue is a DaVita Facility Administrator and Nurse in Snow Hill, N.C. She owns and runs a fitness studio called MELT Fitness Studio in Greenville, N.C. MELT was created to bring awareness to the community and to promote healthier lifestyles for those in need. Lyndsey is originally from Dallas, Texas.