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Peddling for Progress – Colorado Teammates Embrace Bike to Work Day

While most states celebrate Bike to Work Day in May, Colorado – with its tendency to sneak in at least a couple final spring blizzards that month – decided to move the event to the snow-free (at least since 1947) June.

So last week, over 100 Denver-based teammates strapped on their helmets and road to work on two wheels (although there were a couple tricycles). With commutes ranging from two blocks to the longest of 28 miles (!) ridden by teammate Patrick Pocock, everyone who rode to work made a difference on their health, the environment and the biking infrastructure of Denver.

We asked Casa del Mundo teammates what inspired them to participate in Bike to Work Day this year, and here’s what some of them had to say:

“I decided to bike to work today, and most days, because it’s a calming way to start the day. Bike to Work Day is a neat way to bring the Denver community together on the bike paths and build camaraderie through shared beliefs in exercise and environmentalism.” – Megan Reilly, VillageHealth

“I recently moved to Denver’s “Uptown” neighborhood and only live 1.3 miles away from Casa del Mundo. I normally ride the bus to and from work, but since the weather has started to improve, I had been thinking of biking into work. This was the push I needed to get started! I mapped my route on the Bike to Work website and planned out a few fun stops along the way to grab breakfast and some giveaways. It was the perfect beginning to my day.” – Alissa Pasinski, Team Torchlight

“My decision to bike to work today is one that I actually make each day. Since I live within a mile or so of DaVita, biking is my primary mode of transportation to work. However, I look forward to Bike to Work Day each year because of the excitement and awareness it brings to alternative modes of transportation. I am hopeful that events like Bike to Work Day will continue to promote diverse transportation infrastructure, such as bike lanes in Colorado.” – Parker Calbert, Pioneer Division

Did you know?

  • DaVita was named a “Bicycle Friendly Business” in 2015 by The League of American Cyclists.
  • Seven percent of Casa del Mundo teammates bike to work on a regular basis, compared to 6.6 percent of Denver residents as a whole.
  • This year, 20,256 Denver residents registered for Bike to Work Day, making Denver the second largest participant in the country behind San Francisco.

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Colleen McSweeney

Colleen McSweeney

Colleen McSweeney is a teammate based out of Denver, CO where she serves as Recognition Manager for Team Mercury, DaVita’s Marketing and Communications department.