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Where can you find a gondola, beetle-kill pine and over 50,000 square feet of windows? Casa del Mundo!

DaVita moved into our new Denver, Colo. headquarters (we call our headquarters Casa del Mundo) in 2012. During the design process, we knew we wanted our workspace to reflect our unique culture.  And so we set out to design our building in downtown Denver with intentionality, incorporating photos of our teammates and elements of our history, symbols and traditions on the walls. We also wanted to feature Colorado, our new home. So with more than 1,000 teammates providing input on design decisions in the years leading up to building completion, today we have a home that reflects our Village.

And we love visitors! More than 6,700 people visited and took a tour of Casa del Mundo in 2016.

For those who can’t be in Denver to participate in a tour of Casa del Mundo in person, check out our list of some of the fun facts visitors learn on our daily tours. And follow @DaVita on Instagram for more great images and fun facts about Casa del Mundo!

  1. Casa del Mundo includes more than 50,000 square feet of windows. It accommodates more than 1,000 teammates, 98 percent of whom have access to natural light. When the building was built, over 75 percent of our construction waste was diverted into recycling.
  2. DaVita works to create a special place for all teammates to help them provide quality care to our patients. The first floor of our Denver Headquarters includes a dialysis training room where teammates can get hands-on experience.
  3. DaVita is a community first and a company second. More than 1,000 teammates provided input on how the building was designed, and the top floor of the building – traditionally reserved for executives – is a common space for everyone to enjoy the stunning views and the largest outdoor terrace in downtown Denver.
  4. The 13th floor of our Casa del Mundo is equipped with a gondola-turned-meeting space. The structure was donated by a local ski resort.
  5. Casa del Mundo is the 5th LEED Platinum certified building in Colorado.
  6. Beetle-kill wood is used in several areas throughout the building and is representative of the local community. It is a product of the beetles who have killed many of Colorado’s pine trees; instead of discarding of all the wood, an industry was made out of this beautiful product.
Ashley McCarty

Ashley McCarty

Ashley McCarty is the Supervisor of First Impressions at the Casa del Mundo campus. She not only manages the Sherpa program and events held at DaVita's World Headquarters location, but also is ultimately accountable for creating a world-class environment that showcases DaVita’s Core Values.