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We’re Bigger and Better than Ever

In our journey to become the Greatest Healthcare Community the World Has Ever Seen, we recently reached an exciting milestone: our Village is now 70,000 teammates strong!

That’s 70,000 teammates across the nation and in 12 countries around the world working together to be able to provide high quality care to our patients. Our teammates are an impressive bunch, and we know that it’s because of our teammates that we have achieved nearly 20 years of consistent growth.

So, in the spirit of celebration, we bring you nine of our biggest, most impactful Village milestones since we began in 1999:

1999: Kent Thiry named chairman and CEO of Total Renal Care, a failing dialysis company

2000: First Nationwide meeting in Phoenix, Arizona; teammates vote to change Total Renal Care name to DaVita, which means “giving life”; teammates democratically choose six Core Values (our seventh Core Value of Fun was added in 2002)

2004: DaVita Patient Citizens formed (later becomes Dialysis Patient Citizens)

2005: DaVita acquires Gambro Healthcare

2007: First Tour DaVita held in Alabama/Tennessee

2009: DaVita University holds 100th DaVita Academy; CathAway launches, drives CVC rates to lowest industry levels

2011: The Village expands to Germany, the start of our international expansion

2012: DaVita and HealthCare Partners merge

2017: The Village expands to 70,000 teammates worldwide 


DaVita Stories Team

DaVita Stories Team

The DaVita Stories Team is a group of teammates excited to bring you the latest news from around the Village and show you what makes DaVita a special place.