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A Conversation About Culture

We’re proud of our Village and the culture we have created with the help of our teammates and we like to share what we’ve learned whenever we can. Throughout the years we have developed a very intentional approach to our culture.  Some might say we do things a little differently. We have songs, cheers, symbols and traditions. OK, we do things very differently, but that’s what makes this Village special and contributes to our teammates living the DaVita Way.

Doug Vlchek, who goes by “Yoda” and is our senior vice president/chief Wisdom officer, emeritus sat down recently with Dean Carter, head of HR, finance and legal at Patagonia to talk about the importance of company culture. This video was originally posted on the Workday blog.

Check it out below.

DaVita Stories Team

DaVita Stories Team

The DaVita Stories Team is a group of teammates excited to bring you the latest news from around the Village and show you what makes DaVita a special place.