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Welcome to Match the Mayor 10…get ready to feel like a million!

Join KT, fellow leaders, teammates, friends and family on an inspiring journey to better wellbeing. This year’s challenge is “Feel Like a Million”: a retro game-show challenge that focuses on maximizing your energy while limiting stress. Click the Feel Like a Million logo on the right to register or log your healthy activities.

What is Feel Like a Million?

It’s a 4-week challenge designed to help you feel your best and improve overall health. In this fun, interactive retro game show-themed challenge, you’ll learn health habits to reduce stress and sustain energy for work and play. Registration is Sept. 18 through Oct. 1. Challenges runs Oct. 2 through Oct. 29.

How does it work?

Your goal is to accumulate a virtual $1 million in 4 weeks by practicing healthy habits — rituals — in 5 core areas:

Some activities, like exercise and eating vegetables, allow you to deposit $$ every day, while writing your personal mission statement you do just once. Different activities are worth more or less $$, based on their impact on increasing energy and decreasing stress.

Who can participate?

Everyone! ALL teammates including DKC, DMG, International, DaVita Rx, Paladina and other SBIs, along with family, friends…and pets!

Match the Mayor 10 Resources:

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