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Welcome to Match the Mayor!

Read how KT is doing or give him motivation in his Journal!

Let the fun (and games) begin!

Join KT, fellow teammates, friends and family on an inspiring journey to better wellbeing. This year you can choose to track your exercise OR meditation minutes depending on where you’d like to focus your wellbeing efforts. Move along your journey as an individual OR on a team. Click the exercise or meditation Summer Games logo on the right to  log your minutes.

Record your personal wellness activities as you move along routes through former Olympic host cities and Rio, site of the 2016 Summer Games. The more you record, the more exciting images and descriptions you’ll see… and the more fun you’ll have. More challenge information below.

Important dates:


How it works:

Every time you record an activity, you move along a host city trail. As you progress, you’ll see great images and vivid descriptions of each location. It’s a fun, effective way to track your personal wellness activities and see your progress. Check out KT’s Journal and offer your support and encouragement. A little friendly competition is always great motivation!

Match the Mayor Resources:

Invite your teammates, friends and family

Registration Steps

Match the Mayor 9: Summer Games, Exercise Challenge FAQs

Match the Mayor 9: Summer Games, Meditation Challenge FAQs

Click here to read KT’s Journal