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DaVita Diet Helper “How to” Part 2: Meal Planner Pre-planned Meals

The Meal Planner feature in DaVita Diet Helper provides pre-planned meals, or allows you to create your own meals. The pre-planned meals, or DaVita suggested meals, provide kidney-friendly menus and recipes for 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. These meals are designed to meet daily nutrition targets for protein, sodium, potassium and phosphorus selected in the meal plan settings.  The meals are on a 2 week rotation, plus additional meals are available in the “Substitute” list.

DaVita Diet Helper Meal Planner 2You can view meals for a single day or a whole week by toggling between the “View Day” and “View Week” links.  A photo gives you a glimpse of each meal. Click on the meal name below the photo to see the recipe, complete meal components, nutrients, helpful hints, food choices, and carbohydrate choices. Click on Daily or Weekly Recipes to print menus and recipes, unless you prefer to pull them up on your tablet or laptop when preparing meals. Select ” Monthly Meal Plan” to print a menu for the month, or click on “Nutrition Facts Weekly Summary” to see daily totals for 10 nutrients.

Meal Planner SubstitutesIf you prefer a different meal, look for the substitute icon (the one with blue arrows) to open a list of all the meal choices. There are 18 breakfast meals, 21 lunches, 20 dinners and over 30 snacks to choose from in planning your meals. Any of the meals or snacks selected can be designated as a “My Favorite” by clicking on the white heart icon which will turn red.

After you have selected the  meals that appeal to you, use the “Add Item” feature to add additional foods desired.

Whether you’re planning meals for a day, a week, or a month, DaVita Diet Helper meals take away the worry about what to eat. You can be assured your renal diet meals are meeting daily nutrition targets you select for protein, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. For additional Meal Planner help, refer to the “How to Use the Meal Planner”  link found at the top of the Meal Planner section.

Next week: How to Part 3: Using the Meal Planner to plan meals without the DaVita suggested pre-planned meals.

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Sara Colman, RD, CDE

Sara Colman, RD, CDE

Sara is a renal dietitian with over 20 years experience working with people with diabetes and kidney disease. She is co-author of the popular kidney cookbook "Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook". Sara is currently the Manager of Kidney Care Nutrition for DaVita. She analyzes recipes and creates content, resources and tools for the kidney community. In her spare time Sara loves to spend time with her young grandson, including fun times together in her kitchen.