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September 9, 2015

Today’s Kidney Diet: Fall Favorites cookbook

Fall cookbook coverNow that Labor Day has officially marked the end of summer (although it may not feel like it yet!), it’s time to pull out recipes that bring warmth and comfort as evenings start to cool down. The latest DaVita cookbook, “Today’s Kidney Diet: Fall Favorites” offers 16 recipes that focus on fall produce and kidney-friendly classic comfort foods.

In addition to fall recipes, this new cookbook includes salt-saving tips, spice paring suggestions, and the 25 percent recipe modification rule. It also includes the Today’s Kidney Diet: Quick Reference Guide to help choose the best foods for your stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Download your copy today!

In addition to “Fall Favorites” you can access the Today’s Kidney Diet series, including “Healthy Summertime Recipes” and “Meals in 30 Minutes or Less”. Another cookbook showcased on the DaVita cookbook page is “Diabetes Diet Delights”, a 3 day menu plan and shopping list for people following a diabetes diet.


Check out these additional kidney resources from DaVita.com:

June 3, 2015

Today’s Kidney Diet Summertime Cookbook


Now that summer is here it’s time to pull out your favorite summer recipes and take advantage of seasonal produce and lighter meals.

In addition to your own favorite recipes, DaVita dietitians have put together 16 fresh, easy-to-prepare recipes that are perfect for summer in the latest cookbook “Today’s Kidney Diet: Healthy Summertime Recipes“. Read more…

December 10, 2011

Kidney diet recipes: DaVita Holiday Kidney Diet Delights

As the holidays quickly approach, it’s time to start planning holiday meals, appetizers for social events and friendly visits, and gifts from the kitchen. No need to stress over what to prepare for your kidney diet. DaVita dietitians have put together a collection of recipes, “DaVita Holiday Kidney Diet Delights” to make your holidays special and take away the worry about holiday eating.

The Eats and Drinks collection includes several easy to make appetizers and drinks. Festive Feast includes kidney-friendly entrée and sides for the main event meal. Season’s Sweets features our favorite treats for holiday gifts or to serve over coffee with your holiday guests.  

Download your no-charge copy of DaVita Holiday Kidney Delights today at DaVita.com/cookbook to complete your holiday cooking while keeping it kidney-friendly. In addition, there are over 700 kidney diet recipes in the DaVita.com recipe section.

Happy Holiday Eating,  DaVita Dietitian Sara

Kidney diet resources from DaVita.com

August 26, 2011

New! Diabetes and kidney diet cookbooks ready to download now

Do you ever have a hard time deciding what to eat? One suggestion from seasoned cooks is to start a collection of well-liked recipes and incorporate these into your weekly meal planning. The more often you make the recipes, the easier it is to whip out a meal with little fuss.

To help you get started, DaVita has developed two recipe books that  include some of the most popular diabetes and kidney-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. You can download both cookbooks from DaVita.com.

Check out DaVita Kidney Diet Delights, 9 Kidney-Friendly Recipes from the DaVita Kitchen for anyone following a chronic kidney disease or dialysis diet. These low potassium, low phosphorus, low sodium recipes will help you manage minerals while enjoying great tasting food.

Healthy Cooking with Diabetes: 10 Simple Recipes from DaVita’s Dietitians is perfect for people with diabetes without kidney disease or diabetes with early stages of kidney disease. This tasty collection was designed to help you with an eating plan that incorporates diabetes-friendly recipes for better glucose control and healthier eating.

Go to DaVita.com today to download your copy of these flavorful cooking collections. No charge–all you need to do is register and download your cookbooks.

Be sure to tell your family, friends and caregivers about these new recipe resources.

Dietitians, we invite you to share these cooking collections with your patients who have diabetes and/or kidney disease. If you are attending the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Expo in San Diego September 24-27, stop by the DaVita booth to check out our kidney diet resources.  I look forward to meeting you!

DaVita Dietitian Sara


Kidney diet resources from DaVita.com



June 10, 2010

Kidney Diet Cookbooks

One of the biggest helpers with learning about and following a kidney diet is a good kidney diet cookbook. Several years ago I posted the National Kidney Foundation kidney cookbook list for you to use as a guide. 

Here’s a link to the latest version: http://www.kidney.org/professionals/CRN/cookbooks.cfm. I also want to tell you about some of the recipe books for dialysis and chronic kidney patients that I have in my collection.

At the top of my list is my own renal cookbook called Read more…

October 21, 2008

Diet Analysis Tools and Correct Totals for Potassium and Phosphorus

People with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and those on dialysis need to be aware of how much protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium they consume. Since phosphorus and potassium are not required on food labels, food manufacturers may not analyze and provide data on these nutrients. Many online diet analysis tools provide only the available nutrient data. When values are missing, these tools calculate a zero value. Consequently, a person using the tool may assume they are eating less potassium or phosphorus than they actually consume.

DaVita’s online meal planning tool for kidney diets, DaVita Diet Helper, includes a Nutrition Log where users can enter foods eaten and view nutrient values for calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, fiber, sugars, protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

DaVita Diet Helper Online Meal Planning Tool

Each food in the database includes a complete nutrient profile, including potassium and phosphorus content. Users can be sure all the values are correct and potassium and phosphorus are not falsely low when using DaVita Diet Helper to analyze their daily food intake.

If you use another diet analysis tool be sure to check for accurate potassium and phosphorus values.

March 19, 2008

Potassium Content in Recipes

Potassium content is often difficult to find on food labels or in recipes. Exceptions include cookbooks and websites specifically for chronic kidney disease or dialysis patients (see Kidney Diet Tips blogroll).

Another recipe source with potassium analysis I’ve discovered is a cooking magazine called Eating Well.  Eating Well All the recipes in this publication include nutrient analysis for potassium as well as protein and sodium. Phosphorus is the only nutrient not included that would be useful to kidney patients. You can pick up a copy of Eating Well magazine at your local store, or go online to view recipes at www.eatingwell.com (some of the older online recipes may not include potassium yet). 

Keep in mind, Eating Well magazine recipes are not developed for the kidney diet. Recipes vary from low to high potassium and phosphorus analysis is not available. Some of the recipes can easily be modified to reduce phosphorus content. People who want assistance with modifying recipes for a kidney diet can ask their Renal Dietitian for help.

May 8, 2007

List of Kidney Diet Cookbooks

cookbooks       Have you tried using a kidney diet cookbook? Most include kidney-friendly or dialysis-diet recipes, seasoning ideas and helpful tips on the pre-dialysis and dialysis diet as well as information on kidney disease. Kidney diet cookbooks are a great way to discover new favorite recipes, what to eat and which foods are not recommended for those with chronic kidney disease. Check out this great cookbook list from the National Kidney Foundation.


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