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December 20, 2013

Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes-a Sweet Kidney Diet Tip

holiday cookiesFive days until Christmas, which means you have time to make some of your favorite holiday cookies. Imagine the aroma of fresh baked cookies filling the house! I’ve selected 5 of my favorite holiday cookie recipes from the DaVita kidney-friendly recipe collection. In addition, consider these 5 reasons to make a batch of cookies Biscottitoday! Read more…

June 27, 2012

myDaVita.com: the newest resource for kidney patients and caregivers

The week of May 25, 2012 is an exciting week for DaVita. It marks the launch of myDaVita.com, an enhanced social networking experience for kidney patients and caregivers to connect with others in the kidney care community and build a social support network.

This online resource was designed to help patients and caregivers understand and manage all aspects of kidney care. myDaVita.com helps users to make lasting connections and build a support network within the kidney community.






Here are some of the exciting things myDaVita.com users can do:

  • Participate in forum discussions to ask questions, get support and inspire others within the myDavita.com community
  • Join groups within myDaVita.com to stay on top of topics they are particularly interested in
  • Save recipes and articles and organize into folders they create
  • Read recipe ratings and reviews and add personal notes to saved recipes
  • Interact with each other via private messages
  • Create a profile page customized with their personal story and hobbies, birthday, location, and their kidney connection
  • View other user’s public profile pages
  • Adjust security settings to share or make private the information they choose
  • Upload photos, and view their friends and groups they have joined

A bonus for Davita dialysis patients is the new myDaVita.com also contains the DaVita Health Portal, where patients can track and view graphs of weight and lab results, monitor medications, including refill status, insurance, and care team information. They can click on resource links to find articles, information and forums related to specific lab values.

With myDaVita.com, we hope users experience improved quality of life by connecting with others in the kidney care community more easily than ever before. For kidney patients, the ability to to be more proactive and engaged regarding their health, and have the tools to manage their kidney care will improve overall health and satisfaction.

To experience myDaVita.com go to www.DaVita.com, register for your account and start exploring myDaVita.com features. Let me know what you think.

 Kidney diet resources from DaVita.com

April 2, 2011

DaVita.com kidney diet recipes–a new look

DaVita has revamped davita.com with a great new look. You’ll find reorganization that makes it easier to find kidney education articles and other content to answer your questions about kidney-related issues. A new registration process makes it easier to access tools such as Diet Helper, an online kidney diet meal planner and nutrition log, Phosphorus Challenge, Food Analyzer and GFR Calculator. My DaVita is a new feature that lets you save recipes and articles and make friends with others in the DaVita community.

The new look for Kidney-Friendly Recipes includes more food photos and easy access to recipes for dialysis, diabetes and chronic kidney disease non-dialysis, along with diet related videos. Recipe categories have been reorganized into Appetizers & Snacks, Breakfast & Brunch, Breads, Salads & Salad Dressings, Beef, Lamb & Pork, Chicken & Turkey, Seafood, Pasta, Rice & Grains, Pizza & Sandwiches, Soups & Stews, Sauces & Seasonings, Vegetables, Beverages, and Desserts.

DaVita dietitians, who provide the renal recipes on davita.com, are featured with their insight on what’s important for dialysis patients to stay nourished and healthy. They provide suggestions to improve nutrition, learn about the dialysis diet, control phosphorus and potassium, and minimize sodium and fluid intake. They also talk about what is special about the dialysis centers and teams they work with each day.

The new website design makes it easy for you to sign up for Recipe Alerts, a monthly email newsletter with the latest kidney-friendly recipes. Looking for more information on the kidney diet and nutrition? You can easily search under Kidney Disease Education. Look for Diet and Nutrition where you will find articles on diet basics, lifestyle, regional menus, special occasions and the renal diet. Here’s a sampling of articles you may find of interest:

Dietary Protein and Chronic Kidney Disease

The Diabetic Dialysis Diet

Your Kidney Diet Prescription

Lowering Potassium in Potatoes

Alcohol and Chronic Kidney Disease

Supermarket Shopping Tips for Those with Kidney Disease

Top 15 Healthy Foods for People with Kidney Disease

Weight Loss Dieting When You’re on Dialysis

Check it out today and send us your feedback to let us know what you think and what you would like to see on davita.com in the future. DaVita’s resources are here to help improve your quality of life as you learn about and live with kidney disease.

December 23, 2010

My DaVita, the latest tool for kidney patients and caregivers from DaVita

My DaVita is a new feature on DaVita.com that helps you keep track of kidney resources and tools you discover on the website. To use My DaVita, you will need to sign up for a web account and create a user name. After completing the registration you are directed to My DaVita home where you can see the most recent recipes, articles, discussions and members. You can make friends and send messages to them. There is an option to make your profile private or public. Information displayed on the public profile includes your location, your kidney story and your friends.

Additional sections include My Recipes and My Articles where you can save your favorites. I really love how easy you can save recipes from the 700 kidney-friendly recipes to create your own collection. The Tools section contains DaVita tools like Diet Helper online meal planner, Food Analyzer and Phosphorus Challenge so you can easily go to these tools from one area.

I have already made some new friends through My DaVita. Check out My DaVita and send me a message about topics you would like on future blog posts, by searching for RD Sara when you click on ‘Find new friends’. Try saving the latest recipe Sausage Egg Soup (good for breakfast, lunch or dinner!) and save the most recent article “Happy holidays brunch for the renal diet”.

Happy holidays!

January 20, 2010

DaVita Diet Helper can help with 2010 diet resolutions

iStock_000002829546XSmallCouple at computerJanuary is a great time to make positive lifestyle changes. If you have chronic kidney disease (CKD) or are a dialysis patient, consider resolutions around eating better to keep your nutrition up and manage potassium, phosphorus, sodium and fluid the best you can.

Among the DaVita resources, several tools are available to help you stay on track. There are Diet and Nutrition articles, kidney-friendly cooking videos and my favorite, DaVita Diet Helper.  All of these resources can help you stick with your 2010 kidney diet resolutions.

Sign up for DaVita Diet Helper an online kidney meal planner. This one-of-a-kind planner uses your diet prescription for protein and potassium to create several weeks of kidney-friendly meals including recipes, what to serve with the recipe and what to snack on in between meals. Read more…

February 7, 2009

Kidney-Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats and Menus

Valentine's Dinner


Chocolate covered nuts may not be on the Valentine’s Day menu for sweethearts with chronic kidney disease this February 14th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day with special treats.  A few guidelines can help you treat yourself or your sweetie and still stay within the sodium, potassium and phosphorus targets for a renal diet.

Kidney Diet Tips for Eating Out on Valentine’s Day

  • Make dinner reservations!  A long wait and hunger contributes to less control over food choices.
  • Study the menu online before going to the restaurant. Read more…

May 19, 2008

Rate Your Favorite Kidney-Friendly Recipes

Recipe RatingDaVita.com has launched a Recipe Review and Rating system for users to post comments on website recipes they have prepared or tasted.

Post your own reviews on recipes you have made or read what others have to say. Here are reviews by users who have tried Easy Low Phosphorus Fudge: http://www.davita.com/recipes/desserts/a/293#readreview

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